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Our IT products include:

Database Applications
Database Application is a software solution to help your company create an efficient and effective working environment, which in turn will decrease operational cost and increase productivity within your company. We are experienced in developing many kinds of modules such as accounting module, administration module, inventory module, etc.

Management Information Systems
The operation of a modern business are very complex, encompassing several fields such as financial, marketing and sales, customer relation management, human resources, supply and distribution systems, and many more depend on what kind of business you are in. Each part of the complex mechanism produces much valuable information that needs to be analyzed. In this situation decision-making process could be very difficult without the aid of the right tools. MIS integrate and process data from many different fields and even locations into a single analyzing application which will help decision makers in the company to make the right decision.

Customized Applications
Successful companies are unique, and stand out by differentiating the way they do business. They also have unique needs, and to meet their needs, we can develop any custom application tailored for specific business process.


Our multimedia products and services include:

Web Design and Development
Our products and services will help your company to promote and market your products and services in the internet world through a website. Our services include both the design and development of the website. The kinds of website we could develop includes static website, dynamic website, and database-based website.

Interactive Multimedia
Our products and services in this category will help your company to promote and market your company or your products and services through electronic marketing toolkits such as company profile, multimedia presentasion, product presentation, 3D Animation, games, etc.

We're also experienced in designing and creating e-Learning tools that could be used in training sessions or as a self-training tool