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Malaka9, the key to success Malaka9: the key to success  

Malaka9, a multimedia and information technology company, was born in 1998. The birth of Malaka9 is an answer to face a new era of globalization in which businesses have very tight competition and each company is required to have higher efficiency in order to get more profit.

Malaka9's existence is also an answer for today's big shift in global civilization toward digital society. In digital society the most important key of success is the ability to get the right technology to gather and manage information.

To take part of this globalization, each company should find and follow the right business strategy by integrating business processes using the right technology to achieve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, how the a company presents itself is very important for its image. A positive image will be built through a good presentation package where the company represents itself clearly, informatively, and attractively.

We are here to be your partner in executing efficient marketing strategies, create more favorable company image and provide you with the right technology to obtain and manage your business information. We will help you find the correct solutions in multimedia and information technology.